Terms & Conditions

terms and conditions

  1. All sales are final. You can reschedule an excursion for a later date. If we need to reschedule or cancel due to flying conditions, your donation will be refunded.
  2. Liability waivers must be signed prior to your excursion, to hold Sonoran Desert Falconry, Inc harmless. We are, however, fully insured.
  3. No dogs or other pets allowed.
  4. Any guest who antagonizes or taunts the birds will be asked to leave with no refund.
  5. No spectators are allowed.
  6.  All terms & conditions of the McDowell Sonoran Preserve must be observed.
  7. No shooting is allowed. Firearms may be carried but must be disclosed.
  8. All guests must abide by instructions provided by the falconers for everyone to have an enjoyable falconry experience.
  9. No calling birds of prey or trying to retrieve them in the field.
  10. Be patient and understanding of the bird’s behavior. Some days they fly out a little further away where they can’t be seen. We will go and retrieve them. Just understand that is part of the hunt.
  11. Our birds are predators, it must be understood they may catch a rabbit or other critter while in the field.
  12. No filming of birds of prey on game.
  13. Most importantly…have FUN!