Desert Eclipse

The Sonoran Desert Preserve

Nietzsche on Cottontail in Michigan

Great Horned Owl

Overlooking his Domain

After the Hunt

Western Screech Owl

Lola Mae


Nietzsche Jumping to the Glove

You get used to them...

Morpheus After The Hunt

Angry Desert Sky

Baby Screech

Nietzsche In Flight

Cactus Flowers

Tom's Thumb as seen from the preserve


Desert Flowers


Suckers for a worm!

Morpheus & Morgana

Something Blue...

Cactus Wren Nest


Tonto National Forest

Run Bunny Run...

Dove & Baby

Desert Beauty

Cactus Flowers

Bobcat in the tree

Eurasian Kestrel

Hello Kitty!

Family Hawking


Troon Rainbow

Lola Mae

Prince of the Desert

Red Mountain Wild Horses

The Preserve


Tiffany & Nietzsche

Sally & Lola

The Pendragon

We Love Critters!

Owl in the Waterfall