Donor Programs

The Sonoran Desert Falconry Corporate Donor Program

The mission of Sonoran Desert Falconry Inc.’s board of directors is to provide high-quality educational programs on the Sonoran Desert with an emphasis in birds of prey. Through our donor program your company can help us make that happen! In the State of Arizona, schools earn a Title I designation when over 50% of the students are disadvantaged. We will bring the Sonoran Desert to these schools. Students will learn about the most bio-diverse desert in the world including the birds of prey that grace its skies, the plants that give the desert life, and the critters who walk its lands.

Sonoran Desert Falconry Inc. has 501(c)(3) status with the IRS, meaning your generous donations are tax-deductible. But wait, there’s more! Some of the other benefits are (depending on the donor program):

  • A commissioned, original Sonoran Desert painting (framed) for your office. 501c3-e1446845178363
  • Hawks, falcons, & owls (oh my!) at your corporate events.
  • Exclusive use of designated images for marketing purposes.
  • Private falconry excursions for your executives.

Full program listing coming soon!