(Photograph: Baby Zeke with his favorite toy, George by Tiffany M. White)

It has been far too long since I’ve checked in on the status of Sonoran Desert Falconry, Inc and Sonoran Desert Bird Abatement, LLC. So here is the abbreviated version of all of the things we’ve done over the past 10 months or so:
1. We got 501c3 status from the IRS!
2. We got a baby peregrine falcon, we named him Ezekiel, or Zeke.
3. We got two baby Aplomado falcons, Vesuvius and Versailles. A little boy and a little girl.
4. We’ve gotten two additional Harris’ hawks. Brothers one year apart, Casanova (yeah, he likes the ladies) and Dracarys, he’s the pretty boy.
5. Sonoran Desert Bird Abatement, LLC is closing out its first year of service at the Scottsdale Princess resort and it has blossomed into a beautiful partnership.
We are working on a crowdfunding campaign to launch our Title I school program, giving keynote speeches, and launching various fundraisers around the valley. Things are looking pretty good from this desert oasis.
Happy Hawking,
Tiffany M. White
Sonoran Desert Falconry Team