Falconer’s Log: Desert Date 09.04.15

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Falconer’s Log: Desert Date 09.04.15

Christmas arrived early in the desert! That wonderful brown UPS truck delivered a package from Western Sporting! I got 1/2 deep brown Kangaroo hide, a strap cutter, and extra blades. I managed to make it this far as a falconer without buying a strap cutter. Xacto knives always did the duty cutting jesses and anklets for the hawks. However, with Morgana and Morpheus I now have two jess eaters. They also pick the top-knots off their leashes. I find myself making these so often now, the speed and ease of the strap cutter will come in handy.

Today was inspection day! I approached my fifth inspection since moving to Arizona with a light heart. Its either that or drink heavily. Everything went smoothly, of course (not my first rodeo). I’m now approved up to four birds. Morgana acted like Morgana when the Conservation Officer approached, he took my word for it that she had water.  Surprisingly even Morpheus acted like an ass. I swear, I don’t know what to say about these birds. Ziggy was mellow in a scary way that made me think she was plotting somebody’s death. Her tail feathers are coming in nicely so her training will resume in a few short weeks.  The funny of the day came when the officer cautioned me to wait until after the end of dove season to fly the Kestrels (after Sept 15). He said, “You realize the average person can’t tell a dove from a Kestrel. They will get shot!” This is so true…(face palm).

All in all, today was a good day in the desert.

Signing off,

Captain Tiffany M. White

Sonoran Desert Falconry Team