Falconer’s Log: Desert Date 08.30.15

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Falconer’s Log: Desert Date 08.30.15

Went to feed the birds this evening and check on the status of their molt. Morpheus dropped his last tail feather a few days ago. He also chewed it until it was unrecognizable, but that’s another story. He was looking so beautiful as I entered the mews. Holy cow, sometimes I have to pinch myself. I’m actually a falconer!  Then when I get my head out of the clouds I recall that Morpheus also chewed up the last pair of jesses I had made. Oh, and I need to purchase more kangaroo. Yay me…

Checked on the Lady Morgana Pendragon. She still has two tail feathers yet to drop. Even still, I’m bringing her out of the mews on Thursday of this week to begin her clicker training. She continues to exhibit flashes of sanity, depending on when and how she’s approached. I won’t let that fool me though. She’s insane.

Signing off…

Captain Tiffany M. White of the Sonoran Desert Falconry team